Just like the wild, juicy & highly nutritious Himalayan fruit, Káfal is our belief in adopting changes in our food through conscious alternative choices focused around health, nature, organic products, purity and freedom from consuming harmful chemicals.

Still consuming mass-produced food products with doubtful origin?

We believe in exploring and choosing from among the plethora of newer, healthier alternatives available to us. And, we wouldn’t just be benefiting our self but adopting a way of living that supports sustainable agricultural practices, utilizes traditional food processing techniques and creates better and fair means of livelihood for the primary producers.

What does Káfal stand for?

We are passionate about and committed to offer Healthy and Natural Food Products grown without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or bio-engineering. Products which are unique, have strong health benefits and are still missing from mainstream palates.

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Our Products

Káfal offers handpicked products which have been directly sourced from the Himalayas for your plate. Each product stands for its quality and promises unadulterated, natural taste gained through organically cultivated farms.

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