3 Apps that will help you Chose and Cook Healthy

1. Harvest 

App-Post-HarvestRemember those tips that your mother gave you on how to squeeze tomatoes to choose the perfectly ripened ones or how to knock on melons to identify the best quality ones.

Well, given our busy lifestyle, we can’t remember all those tips & tricks. And, that’s where Harvest comes into picture.

It has a collection of intelligent tips on choosing the best quality fruits and vegetables.

It will also tell you about the general pesticide residue on different food items, thus helping you watch the total chemical exposure and helping you decide when to buy organic variants.

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2. Dirty Dozen 

Prepared by the Environmental Working Group, the Dirty Dozen App protects you and your family from pesticides. It lists down the 15 food products with the highest level of pesticides thus making a case on why you should buy organic variant of those food.

It also give you the Clean 15 list, which lists 15 popular food products with lowest amount of pesticide traces. There’s a full list of many more fruits and vegetables, along with their pesticide content.

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3. Epicurious


Epicurious App is one of the most downloaded app in the world. It’s interactive cookbook and guide is a great companion for more beginners as well as experts.

What’s more. You can create shopping lists based on the chosen recipes, share recipes and find ratings on various recipes to decide which one are you cooking that day.ok and kitchen companion is for beginners and experts alike. You can search from more than 30,000 professionally created recipes from across the world.

Keep creating something delicious!

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