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Food, Inc. – The story behind Mass Production of Food

Food, Inc. is a documentary which captures the Industrialization of American Food Supply Chain, resulting in mass-production of identical food items and an irreversible change to the way food is grown in the world. The very opening statement ‘The way we eat has changed more in the last 50 years than in the previous 10,000.’ gives you a sense of the catastrophe that we might have in our end. The documentary takes you through various food lines and show how […]

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Is pesticide killing the Indian Plate?

The recent case of food poisoning in Bihar, which has taken lives of nearly 20 people, tells the unfortunate tale of how lax we are when it comes to handling and preparing food products in India. (Initial reports have shown that deaths were caused due to acute exposure to pesticides.) Apart from accidental consumption of unsafe amount of pesticide in food, it is critical to note that a high number of deaths are also caused among farmers and laborers who handle […]

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