Food, Inc. – The story behind Mass Production of Food

Food, Inc. is a documentary which captures the Industrialization of American Food Supply Chain, resulting in mass-production of identical food items and an irreversible change to the way food is grown in the world. The very opening statement ‘The way we eat has changed more in the last 50 years than in the previous 10,000.’ gives you a sense of the catastrophe that we might have in our end.

The documentary takes you through various food lines and show how all actions by cultivators, processors and handlers are directed towards only one objective – Increased Yield. Increased Business – even if that means that the health and the nutritional value of the vegetable, fruit or meat you are consuming is far below expectations.

It also takes you through the economy of the food – why subsidization of bad food is coming at the cost of good food, why no one is considering the environmental & societal cost of cheap food, how some of the companies are controlling your food right from the seed by patenting the genes of those crops and not allowing others to grow their own breeds of seeds.

Although, similar farm practices has not India completely yet, we are not far behind. Some of the multinational chemical and food companies have already initiated that change.

This documentary is definitely a worth watch for anyone concerned about what they are consuming (shouldn’t that mean almost all of us)

Something worthwhile to add to your weekend To-Do list?

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