Káfal follows a Cycle of Commitment to ensure that all stakeholders in the value chain are benefited from the products being offered.

Kafal - Organic, Sustainable, Natural Farming

Farmers, working with us, have been traditionally involved in natural  ways of cultivation. This means that everything is grown organically and no chemical, either in the form of pesticides or fertilizers, is added to the farms. The organic food products are grown in Himalayan Valleys and Mountains in Uttarakhand and offer the users food in its most purest form. These products also offer healthy alternative to the mainstream recipes and food being consumed in Indian cities. You can read our blog to know more about the benefits of organic food and healthy alternatives to mainstream food.

Our Partner NGO’s and Producer Groups have been working in the Himalayan Region of Uttarakhand, Himanchal Pradesh and North East India for more than a couple of decades now. They are very active in areas of Health, Education, Training, Farming, Livelihood Programs, Resource Management and other related areas. They train farmers on healthy agricultural practices, value addition, food processing and packaging. Káfal aims at helping these groups reach out to a larger audience and earn better for their efforts and commitment to the environment. All proceeds from profits are utilized in further training and community building.

Káfal promises to its customer Healthy and Natural Food Products grown without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or bio-engineering; Unique Products which have strong health benefits. These Undiscovered & Hidden Gems have been carefully handpicked and are of high quality.

Sourcing, Harvesting & Processing practices that keep the primary, rural producer at the center, while following fair trade principles and leads to providing sustainable opportunities for their better livelihood.


Team Káfal consists of self-help groups, NGOs, farmers & producer groups. It works actively towards providing employment opportunities to local women. 

Operations are managed by a core team, which has a composite background in Hospitality, Banking, Consulting, Retail and Technology. They come from a diverse educational background ranging from IHM Pusa, IIM Lucknow and Delhi University to IIM Calcutta.

You can contact the team here.