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Kafal Organic & Natural Products

Káfal offers an assortment of rich gourmet items & basic kitchen necessities

The current assortments consists of the following products -

1. Organic Dried Himalayan Herbs and Seasoning
  • Handpicked from Himalayas, especially for your kitchen
  • Organically and Naturally Grown Premium Herbs
  • No Added Colors, Flavors or Preservatives

2. Organic Himalayan Kitchen Spices
  • Organically & Naturally Grown Himalayan Spices
  • Premium spices grown in pristine environment of Garhwal & Kumaun Hills and processed by partner producer groups promoting sustainable farming across villages in Uttarakhand

3. Tea and Herbal Infusions
  • Finest Himalayan Blends
  • Premium herbs grown in pristine environment & picked by partner producer groups promoting sustainable farming across villages
  • Benefits Health, Immunity, Stress, Digestion, Heart & many more

4. Organic, Natural Fruit Chutney & Spreads
  • All Natural. No Artificial Flavors
  • Made with Organically & Naturally Grown Handpicked Gourmet Fruits from Himalayas

5. Naturally Flavored Honey
  • Naturally Flavored Honey
  • Harvested from bees feeding on nectar from rich Himalayan flowers
  • Free from Antibiotics and Chemicals
  • No added sugar and flavours


Kafal Dried Herbs & Seasonings Kafal Himalayan Natural & Organic Spices Kafal Himalayan Natural & Organic Honey Kafal Himalayan Natural & Organic Spreads Chutneys


All products are made from organically grown produce, offer healthy alternatives and are free of chemicals, antibiotics, artificial flavoring  & any other adulterant



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