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Why should I eat Flaxseeds?

  Is Flaxseed the new wonder food? Though you might think that we have discovered the benefits of Flaxseed only a couple of decades back, you will be surprised to know that it was cultivated as early as in 30,000 BC and in the 8th century King Charlemagne is believed to have passed a law requiring his subjects to consume flaxseeds. So, what exactly do flaxseeds offer?  Omega 3 Fatty Acids which is vital for metabolism and is effective for a […]

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Brain Fog – Get Rid of It

How to Get Rid of Brain Fog

Forgetfulness, Confusion, Lack of Clarity & Focus are just some of the symptoms of Brain Fog or Clouding of Consciousness. Some of the reasons of Brain Fog are Stress, General Fatigue & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Nutrient Deficiencies (Vitamin C, E, B Complex, Minerals, Essential Fatty Acids), and Depression. While Brain Fog can mean a lot for your performance at workplace or home, here are some food products which can help you get rid of it. (Source: WebMD) Pomengrenate Herbal Infusions & […]

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