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Local Uttarakhand Cuisine on NDTV Good Times


Catch Rocky and Mayur (from Highway on my Plate - a travel & food show where they travel across the country in search of memorable eating experiences) get a taste of some of the best pahadi food from Uttarakhand. The dishes that you see on the show are – Mint Chicken – Tradition Chicken preparation made with Fresh Mints Pahadi Mutton - Mutton preparation based on slow cooking over Whole Spices (Khada Masala) Bada - A Snack prepared by deep frying Paste made with […]

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Food Wastage

In the current debate over poverty line and the minimum price of food, do we realize that the real sufferers are the poor who are unable to manage the minimum daily dietary intake. While India produces a lot of food, why is it not able to feed its own population? Among other things, we need to realize a grim situation where we waste more than 400 kcal of food per person per day i.e. food enough to fulfill one-third of […]

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Food Waste – A Story of Excess vs A Story of Inefficiency

Recently, Visual.ly came up with a video which talks about the food wastage and its effect. Food Waste – A Story of Excess It is interesting to note that US and Europe, which are considered to be much more advanced than countries such as India and China when it comes to managing agricultural supply-chain, are loosing more than 50% of the agro produce between the farm and the fork. However, this number has a high share of wastage at home and […]

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