Why do I need Antioxidants?


Antioxidants - A term that you must have heard more than often, every time you visit the grocery store and pick up a food item. But, what exactly are antioxidants and why are they so important in our life?

Going by the definition, An antioxidant is a molecule that inhibits the oxidation of other molecules. 

But, isn’t oxidation a natural process that is bound to happen?

Well, it is. But the problem arises when Oxidation produces Free Radicals, which can produce chain reactions causing damage to the cell and result in Oxidative Stress. In humans, Oxidative Stress is thought to be involved in the development of Cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, Atherosclerosis, Heart Failure, Myocardial Infarction, Fragile X Syndrome, Sickle Cell Disease, Autism, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

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Having understood the importance of antioxidants, a lot of people have started finding ways to increase its intake. However, there is still a big debate on using antioxidants supplements.

So, what we recommend instead that you should consume antioxidants just the way nature intended it to be i.e. through natural food products.

So, here is an easy task for you.

Just jot down the following foods and you will never have to rely on pills and supplements offering you antioxidants.

  • Pulses – Kidney Bean (Rajma),
  • Fruits – Berries (Blueberry, Cranberry, Blackberry, Strawberry), Apple, Plum, Apricot, Pomegranate
  • Vegetables – Dark Green Leafy Vegetables, Tomato, Broccoli, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Kale, Garlic
  • Others – Whole Grains, Red Meat, Eggs, Soy, Red Wine, Green Tea, Flax Seed, Barley, Rye, Oats

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